Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Of Course

Sail never thought that a magical, glowing rainbow would whisk her off to the fluorescent, futuristic floors of her neighborhood IKEA. I guess I’m really not meant for adventure, Sail mumbled to herself.
Two seconds ago she had been standing in the center of the Winthrop Woods, reaching out for the shining arc in front of her. This was supposed to be her change, her new life, an escape. But all the anticlimactic rainbow had done was carry her a mile west to the giant superstore, which was now filled with seemingly hundreds of people milling around. This is what I get for trying to dip my feet into the realm of magical realism, Sail sighed.
After wandering around the Swedish furniture and brightly colored door knob BOGO bins (and moping in her lack of daring escapades), Sail found herself among a crowd of shoppers listening to an announcement.  
Glancing around, she noticed many of them were from her old apartment building, and Sail remembered how the last time she was with all of them, a dead body was found.
Suddenly, the booming voice on the loudspeaker rang out, “Now, we will finally find the Winthrop murderer.”
This again, of course. Sail felt like that rainbow was still in the woods, laughing at her. “How’s this for adventure?”

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